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They're the Grand Slammin'
Bim Bammin' Jim Jammin'
Jumpin' JackHammers!

That's how the Northwest Indiana based a cappella doo wop vocal group Harborlights describes the Joliet JackHammers professional baseball team in the brand new official JackHammers Anthem, which was recorded at Thunderclap Studios in Hammond Indiana.

After Steve Malliet, Vice President and General Manager of the Jackhammers heard the tune that Harborlights had written and recorded for the Gary SouthShore Railcats, he approached the group about doing the same for his team.

"The group loves baseball. It's a true slice of American Pie" said George Carl, spokeperson for Harborlights. "Being asked to write and record the official team song for a professional baseball team is the ultimate compliment to our group. Of course we agreed to give it a shot."

Harborlights has a great reputation for being the very best at what they do. What they do is "sing without a net". With little or no instrumentation to accompany their vocal stylings, the five person group specializes in the doo wop flavors of the fifties and sixties.

"This raw vocal style is what attracted Steve Malliet to Harborlights" Carl said. "Steve told us that the concept of an a cappella tune for the JackHammers really appealed to him. He said that there is something very basic and honest about pure vocal harmony. He strongly believes that JackHammers fans will embrace the tune regardless of age."

Steve described JackHammers fans as hard working, down to earth folks, who live in a largely "blue collar" community. When we wrote this tune we had those fans in mind first and foremost."

"The style of how we sing appeals to the average, regular guy on the street. We used to sing this stuff right on the streetcorners when we were kids. What you heard is what you got. You can't get any more basic and honest than that. There's nothing fancy about baseball, and there's nothing fancy about the way we sing. We just do it well. It's great entertainment."

On March 10th, when Steve Malliet and his marketing people heard the finished product for the first time, they played it through the state of the art sound system at Silver Cross Field. It sounded amazing" Carl said. "It filled the entire stadium. As we listened to it exploding through the speakers, we could imagine the fans rocking to it."

"It was very exciting and gratifying to know that Harborlights had done a great job for the JackHammers, and fans could enjoy the anthem for years to come."

So mister when you hear the crack of the bat...
Brace yourself and hold onto your hat.
He's runnin' the bases and he's sweepin' em' clean...
the crowds goin' crazy & it makes you wanna' scream...JackHammers!


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